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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Free Organization

I've been reading lots of blogs on spring cleaning. I love to organize but hate to spend money on any more tubs or totes. So I grabbed a cardboard box and covered it with brown paper. I cut off the flaps and used those for the dividers...perfect fit! Scrapbooking papers and doodads and my new organizational tool was ready to fill. Now if I would just keep things organized...well, you can't have everything!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another truck re-do!

This truck re-do was inspired by another blog. I saw a old toy truck similar to this one sitting on a shelf and thought...why is mine (or my hubby's) still in the garage? I brought it in, found the perfect place for it and then found a reason for it to be there. Phone charger extraordinaire! I wired an extension cord to the bottom, then fed the cords up into the cab of the truck and out where the back window should have been. Now our phones rest in the bed of the truck.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Girl's Truck!

So I finally got my truck! Yeah, it's a little used but that's fine by me! I knew right away that I needed to decorate it...I mean, why not? My husband swears I did it so that he wouldn't drive it. But I really thought it needed my touch. The letters on the back window are a patterned vinyl. I found sheets of it at Big Lots. It's designed for a Slice machine but my Cricut didn't mind. I added a basket to the back seat to hold my emergency supplies..a good magazine and a sweatshirt! In the front, I made some junk to hang from the rearview and a special can for the center cup holder. It holds my wire flower and I'll use it to collect change. We've already taken it on girls' trip and it passed with flying colors.