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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Vintage canisters

I just finished painting these fun canisters that I found on clearance. They are marked not for food on the bottom of them. BOO! Of course I didn't see that until I got them home but I think they'd be perfect for keeping chocolate chips, or coconut, macaroni, or any of those things that come in bags. Great on a countertop but since they don't match my decor...they'd be in my pantry.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Framed by a book

Isn't this an amazing picture? It's of my oldest daughter. She's reading...not sleeping but I love it, especially in black and white. My first idea was to modge podge it on to a thick block of wood. But seeing as how I didn't have one of those. I chose a thick black book. (And yes, I checked to make sure my hubby was done reading it. I would never use one of my books :D). I just stuck a piece of wax paper between the cover and pages and used modge podge to stick the pages together. Then some more modge podge to attach it to the cover. When it was dry, I added a couple more coats to the top. What a great addition to my library!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

All Wrapped UP!

I've always loved brown kraft paper for wrapping gifts or anything else, but this is the first time that I've used masking tape as ribbon. I just taped it down and added some red dashed lines. The bows were made by twisting a piece of tape and then trimming the ends. Simple and sweet!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sometimes you like it and sometimes....

So what do you do when I project doesn't turn out like you had pictured it? Sometimes, I mess with it until I like it. Sometimes, I let it sit for a bit to see if I get inspired and sometimes...I just GET OVER IT! This card is a case in point. I love the idea and wanted to share it...because of the potential. But the card itself, not so much. So what makes this card even worthy of sharing? The front of the card is fabric.

The inside is paper. To get paper to match the fabric on the front, I just used my printer and made a color copy! Tons of potential for all kinds of projects...even if I don't care for the card! (The inside of the card is from the Beyond Birthdays cartridge.)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Canvas Bag

I LOVE fabric but since I don't play well with sewing machines it's often hard to me to find projects where I can successfully use fabric. Altering canvas bags and a cash apron seem to fill the bill. I used fabric glue to adhere the fabric pieces. Buttons I can sew on myself! I'll probably sell the bag on my etsy site but the apron is for me!
(photo of apron)

(back of the bag)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Latest find

While we were in Lake Tahoe for a little R&R, I convinced my husband that we needed to do a little junkin'. Lucky me, he really doesn't mind. We checked out a flea market that was really nasty. So then we headed for some antique stores to see what we could score. I know, I know, I pay more when I go to antique stores but the finds are worth it! This is my latest find; a cobblers stand. Or at least that's what I call it. My hubby couldn't figure out why I was so fascinated with it or where we would even put it. I've tried it several places and can't decide. I like having it by the front door with my bag and a hat (not mine, but cute).

The remote control holder is a joke! I can't even get everyone to throw it on a 3ft. ottoman, so there's no chance of anyone balancing it here.

I guess it could hold neccessities! :)

For some reason it looks messy with myy scarves on it, and I don't need any help making my closet look messy, so that idea is probably out.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Craft Room

I'm always surprised and a bit disappointed when I see other people's craft spaces and they are so ordinary and predictable. Maybe they like the matching, clean spaces that always seem to be white on white, but for me I want to be surrounded with things that I've made or found. My craft room is my favorite room so I've cleaned it up to share with you.

The chairs are some old ones that I had. I added grunge letters and painted them. Then added new pads.

I use this old milk crate to keep most of my fabric. Can you tell that I don't sew?

My memo board is an old folding game table that I found in Vegas.

I painted this old dresser and took the legs off to fend off the dust bunnies. I added some vinyl letters to try to add some organizational possibilities. ( it's my little fantasy world...come join me!)

The glass on top of this table creates a perfect space for my rubber stamps. I can't say that I use them more but maybe! I made the table from an old gate and some legs that I got from Ikea. It's my favorite part of the whole room.

My old card catalog holds paints. Some more drawers hold everything else. I love the mason jars because it makes it easy to see what I have. Yes, it looks better when every jar is full...but that's just not 'real'.

The only thing that is actually made for craft storage is this slot board that I got from a scrapping store that was going out of business...sniff...sniff.