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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Canvas Bag

I LOVE fabric but since I don't play well with sewing machines it's often hard to me to find projects where I can successfully use fabric. Altering canvas bags and a cash apron seem to fill the bill. I used fabric glue to adhere the fabric pieces. Buttons I can sew on myself! I'll probably sell the bag on my etsy site but the apron is for me!
(photo of apron)

(back of the bag)


  1. Great job. Sewing really isn't that scary. It gets easier the more you tinker around with it.

    I like that pretty quilt hanging in the background.. I absolutely LUV quilts!!

  2. Thanks Amy! I love quilts, too. I think if I had a dependable machine, I would probably like sewing, but it's hard to invest in a machine that you've spent your entire life hating :) Thanks for stopping by!