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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

a present for my "womb mate" (twin)

The idea for this gift began with the shirt. My sister (and I) love the Life is Good shirts. I picked out this one for her but it didn't seem like quite enough so I decided to make it part of an icecream package. I bought cherries, cookies, and fudge. Then I found a round box to put it all in. To cover the top edge, I cut a 2" strip of paper and folded it in half. Then I cut slits all the way around so it would bend. Then I added the other strips of triangular paper and scrap book letters. The other things were pretty straight forward. The glue that I used is called Crafters Pick. It's the best that I've found for this kind of project.
I got the graphic for the card off of the "From my Kitchen" cartridge on my Cricut. The inside of the card says "SWEET"
The other day I saw some Modge Podge that said "Paper" on it. It was different than what I've seen before. Has anyone tried it? I've always had problems with modge podge wrinkling and bubbling and I'm wondering if this one is any better.


  1. I love it all. Can I be your twin, too? We could be triplets! Of course, everyone would know which one I am. :)