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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Decorated Closet

It all started with one of those DIY shows or
HGTV where they decorated a gal's closet at the same time they redid her wardrobe. That's all it took and I knew that my closet needed done! After my husband unloaded the whole thing, my 15 yr. old wanted to know if I needed an intervention! And it really wasn't a stuffed closet. I'm good about getting rid of stuff. Anyway, I started by painting it. It was amazing how much better it looked with just the "builder beige gone" and white shelves. Then the clothes came back in. And finally the decorations. And the cost...NOTHING! The paint and the drawers from a nightstand were left over from a re-do of my youngest daughter's room. The "shoe holder" is the cupboard to an old card catalog. And the rest was floating around here somewhere. I still have some odds and ends that need to find a new home a couple of piles to go to Salvation Army but it was worth it!

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  1. OOPs forgot to explain the back of the door. That's a suit bag that I keep all my wrapping paper in. The gift bag at the top keeps ribbon and mom's secret stash of scotch paper and scissors!