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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Yummy Bouquet

This is a simple project that is perfect for lots of occasions. I made them for our secretaries at school who are the BEST! But I think they would be great for drama performances (that's where I stole the idea) or graduations too. I started with a popcorn box that I had purchased at Target a long time ago. Mine were cardboard so I reinforced the bottom. Next I taped the packages of popcorn to the outside. I used florist foam on the inside, added a piece of tissue paper to cover it then attached the candy bars to kabob sticks. I broke about a 1/3 of the kabob stick off and used the shorter sticks in the front and the longer ones in the back. I added curling ribbon to the sticks. Mine is actually paper raffia from World Market. Then I arranged them in the box and used a full length stick to add the card.

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