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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Soccer thank yous

The end of a soccer season brought me to making thank-you cards for the coaches. These were simple and could be used a variety of ways. I started with a 4x12" piece of blue card stock. I folded in in half with the fold at the bottom to create a pocket. But before I glued it, I laid a 1x12" piece of cardstock (blue) next to the fold so that I had 4" showing on each side. Then I folded up the pocket and glued the sides. On one of the strips that extended from the side I glued grass that I had cut free hand and on the other side I created a soccer ball. By folding the ball side first, it looks like the ball is sitting the grass. The pockets are perfect for a gift card, note to the coach or a favorite photo. I lightly traced around the soccer ball onto the pocket, so I could add a note that wouldn't show when the card was closed.

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