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Saturday, May 21, 2011

And speaking of babies....

We have a new little 'buckaroo' at the Ranch! (The school where I teach.) So I put together this little welcome gift. I started with a child's cowboy hat (Party City). Then I found this adorable work shirt, leggings and socks (Target). I added a bandana...because he wouldn't be a real Rancher without one. And made a card with these fun western brads and stickers(Oriental Trading). It turned out really cute..but not a cute as he is! OH MY!! What a sweetie!


  1. Hi! I'm Kiran's proud Grandma and I saw this creative, cute and useful gift you brought over!
    I love it!
    I also paint, sew, stencil, & putter w/crafts! We need to chat!

  2. That is just adorable!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just became your follower.